Spike Sport Club
Houston Volleyball Training Center

Adult Open Gym (all level) on
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 

* New at open gym: 

                     On Tues: A court will be available for all selected players rated (aa/open)                        On Thurs: 2 courts will be available for 4 on 4  (Max 10 teams), sign up & pay.

Mid School High School

          Camps          All Skills Training

5th - 9th grades
 Jan ,,, Mar (Sun)

 Pre Club Team    Training 
To Try-out for a 10 weeks Team Training     4 - 6th graders,        starts  Feb 19th.   

   Spike Sport     Jr.Tournaments    Hosting 2019-20   

   Club Teams      2019-20
 U12, U13,    U14, U16 

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Club TryOut 

U12,U13,U14, U16

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 Adult Open Gym    All level
Tuesday, Thursday    Sunday. 

   * New Open Gym           on Tues Night   
A court is set for all selected rated members (aa/open) players only. 

  * New Open Gym     on Thurs Night    
 4 on 4 Tournament       sign up & pay.         Max of 10 teams    

Adult Sixes    Tournaments    Sixes 


 Training Camp   
     (Every Sun)      6pm - 8pm

Boys Club Team

Court    Rentals   

    Our new building isn't fully finished yet, however, the courts are available for use. 
15250 Hillcroft Ave West
 Missouri City, TX 77489

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with PLEX to offer you a higher level of professional training.

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  Private Lessons
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Special Rate $89 (SW)
Crowne Plaza Suites

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The Perfect Volleyball Floor

                              This facility has 6 volleyball courts with a sports flooring engineered to your body's requirements.                           with the highest degree of shock absorbs impacts from jumps and protects the joints and muscles involved, making exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 100% PVC. Topflor reduces injury from repetitive jumping, and diving. 

Playing volleyball never felt so good!