Spike Sport Club
A 45,000 sq/ft facility is on
10914 S Gessner Rd
Houston, Texas  77071
Phone: (713) 777-7453
It's the most shock absorbing sport floor,
EMAIL / Contact
( 713 ) 320 - 4614
We are offering adult group training
Adult tournaments
* Group training camp.
For beginners/intermediates
* Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm
* An hour of repetition drills / One-hour scrimmage game.
* Fee: $15.00 a session.
* Sign up online or pay cash on site.

Our classes are not only for beginners/intermediate, men/women to teach them the fundamentals of
volleyball, but also for more experienced players who want to perfect their technique.
The only way to master the game of volleyball is by repetition to build muscle memory.
During a game, one has a limited number of contacts with the ball, but at our training sessions he/she will be constantly involved by getting numerous touches.
* For more information please contact Coach Ramin Sadrai at 281 - 785 -7315, email: spikesportboys@yahoo.com .

Oct 27th
Men & Women,

* Site: Spike Sport
* Starts: 9:00am
To register call

Coming up!

Thursday Night
Reverse Coed Four Tour
Level: Open / A
* Fee: $28 team.
* Starts: 8:00 pm.
* Price:
1st place money back.
* To sign up
713 - 777 -7453

Adult Open Gym Volleyball Since 1985
We will have only two courts on this site,
Westbury Christian School Athletic Complex
10402 Fondren Rd
We like to offer competitive games to competitive players only!
Adults Open Gym
"Online sign up only"
* Court A: For Open/A players only (selected players can sign up only) for info call in.

* Court B: For Rec/B players with 2 years of game expriance or 1st to open gym.

* Membership: $40 a month or ($75 a month 2 teams), fee pays for all the open gym in a month.

* Sign up and pay online and select your team / s, ($6 person)

* Drop in (if there is open spot) $10 cash.
* Tues & Thurs (8:30 pm - 10:30 pm).
* Games:Tournament format,
* Sign up your team or your friend or just yourself in a team online.
* Bring your own volleyball if you like to warm up.
* Teams of men & women sixes (A & Open) & Coed Sixes (Rec / B).
* Sign up online before 8:00 pm.
* Adults Open Gym it's all year round on every Tues & Thurs.
* Max: 10 teams.
* No phone calls after 6pm on Tues or Thurs.

Court Rental
Sorry!! Temporarily Out!!
We will start back up in our new facility on April 2019.
* Courts Available For Rent $50 - $60 an hour.
* Private Lessons, $40 an hour (plus court fee).
* For info:
(713) 777-7453 EMAIL