For Adult Tournament info please call Ramin: Email:
(281) 785-7315

Our Temporarily Site is 10402 Fondren, Map,
on Tue & Thurs .
* Club team practice only (6:15pm - 8:15pm)

Our other programs are on HOLD at this time.
We be stating back in spring of 2019 at our new facility.

Spike Club
A new 54,000 sq/ft facility
is under construction
15250 Hillcroft
Missouri CityTexas  77489
Phone: (713) 777-7453

We here at Spike Sport Club are constantly trying to improve our program and our facility.
Our new facility will be open Spring 2019,
15250 Hillcroft
Missouri City Texas 77489
Beltway 8. S & Ft Bend toll, It will be closer to Pearland & Sienna

Spike Sport Adult Tournaments
(2013 Friendship Tournaments)
Format: Men & Women (Sixes)
Starts: Sept ,,,Oct

Site: Spike Sport Club
Sept 28 (Sat)
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
Oct 5th (Sat)
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
9:00am $100
Oct 12th (Sat)
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
9:00am $100
Oct 19th (Sat)
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
Oct 26th (Sat)
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
9:00am $100

* For info and sign up: (713) 77- SPIKE.
Email: spikesport@sbcglobal.net

Adults Open Volleyball Since 1985, still only $5 !!
* Over 100 volleyball players show up.
* Bring your own volleyball
* Teams forms as players show up and will to be signed up in a team.
* Teams of men & women sixes (A & Open) & Coed Sixes (B), 4 courts for each group.
* From 8:30 pm till 10:45 pm .
* Adults Open Gym it's all year around on every Tues & Thurs
* With eight courts of volleyball available.
* Fee is only $5.00 per visit.
* Level of players: USAVA from Open, BB, B
* You always get more than two hours of competitive volleyball games in our open gym.

Thursday Night Tournament
Reverse Coed Four (on two courts)
(2 males and 2 females or 4 females)

* Fee: $6 per person
* You need to be to signed up by 8:30 pm.
* HS Varsity (open)
player welcome.
* Bring your own volleyball

* Courts Available For Rent $40 - $50 an hour.

* Private Lessons, $85 an hour.

* For info: (713) 77- SPIKE.

Spike Sport Club Volleyball In Houston since 1985

Open Gym.
* Private Lessons,
* Tournaments.
* Courts Available For Rent
For info (713) 77- SPIKE
* (713)

We have a Simple Mission:
Volleyball For All / Volleyball For Life
We like everybody to be able to play volleyball in Houston.
Any level: young / old, male / female, tall/ short, skilled/ not so skilled,,,,

* We are here to make sure " Spike Sport Is The Place To Be " .
* We are here for anyone who wants to learn and play this game.
* We are here for anyone who wants to be train to play their highest level of volleyball.
* We are here for
you with the best floor, it's the most shock absorbing sport floor ever!
Here at Spike Sport In Our Junior Club Program, our immediate goal is to train the right techniques to develop

our players to become competitive in volleyball with a solid foundation for success on court and in life.