Spike Sport
Boys Volleyball Club
7th - 12th Grades
10914 S Gessner Rd
Coach Ramin 281-785-7315 or Email,
Spike Sport (713) 777-7453
Congratulation to last years seniors who now play for their respective colleges:
Zachary Hawkins,Chris Thomas, Devion Whetstone, and Ryan Sadrai
Spike Sport Boys Club Volleyball "season 2016 - 17"
A chance to learn how to play high level of volleyball in our club program.
A technique training
a long with Scrimmage Game in our team practices.

For: 7th - 12th grade.
* Starts: Nov .- June.
* Practices: Tues & Thurs
* Time: 6:00pm - 8:15pm.
* Fee: .
* To: Register

" Top ten reason you should be playing "Volleyball"

1. Made for women but perfected by Men.
2. One of most exciting, challenging sport.
3. It's a timing game.
4. It looks easy but,,
5. To play in high level you need focus, speed, quickness, jump, dive, Passion,,
6. You can play any where any time, indoor outdoor.
7. You can play with anyone, male, female, old, young, ,,
8. You can get a college scholarship.
9. Learn Better Teamwork, Make New Friends,,,
10. Have a Great Time and Being Competitive.

* Worse thing about sport of Volleyball " Addiction "!!!
Any reason not to start playing volleyball???
Interested ????,,,, Start with our team practices. Email Ramin Sadrai

Club Info:
Spike Sport has been dedicated to train girl's volleyball for 20 years and in the last three years we have started training boy's as well.
My name is Ramin Sadrai. I have coached girl's volleyball for over 20 years and since 2008 I have started a boy's program. Our team has participated in many national tournaments such as Junior Olympics. Many of our players are currently playing college volleyball. I have been a part of Houston's volleyball community since 1983 where I have served as a club director, coach, tournament director, and an active player. My playing accomplishments include 1st place in the 2004 Men's Nationals and 2nd place in the 2011 Senior Olympics.

I received my degree in Mechanical Engineering and Education. Currently I am an educator at Aliefisd. I have been married since 1982 and have three kids. My daughter played collegiate volleyball at Princeton University, my older son currently plays volleyball for University of Texas, and my youngest son is trying to learn the game.

Ramin Sadrai
Cell, 281 785-7315, Email

Club Fee:
Initiall Fee: ,,,, and Monthly Fee: ,,,, a month, November - June.
* Due the first week of each month.

The club fees covers: uniforms, USAV registration , two weekly practices, coaching, gym rental, and tournament fees. We play in 10 or 11 local meaning Texas tournaments. Since there aren't many boys teams in Texas, most of our tournaments are against men's BB / A division teams. Just like any other club, we have equal practice time but not equal tournament playing time.

*Optional extend season for the players committed to go to the Nationals in Columbus OH or AAU Nat'l in Orlando FLwill be expected to pay an additional fee.

New and returning players need to register online with USA Volleyball to play club volleyball. Please go to:
(GUIDELINES ON REGISTERING) and complete the registration form, please select SPIKE SPORT as your club.
After completing the registration form please print the Medical Release form (on last page) and send it to:

Ramin Sadrai
3002 Skypark Dr.
Houston TX 77082

(c) 281-785-7315, Email

Lone Star Classic 2012:
Spike Sport 18 : Runner up , & Spike Sport 17: 3rd place

Spike Sport Club Volleyball

"Houston Indoor Volleyball Training Center"
With the most shock absorbing sport floor ever! "Spike Flex"