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Most Complete Technical 2018
Summer Camp
Spike Sport
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Breakfast Tacos
Muffins, Cinnamon rolls,,,,,
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6
Chicken Wrap
Turkey, Ham Sub
all w/chips only $ 5
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Gatorade, Soft drink: $2

Sorry!! No Alcohol!!!

Spike Sport Special Rate
Crowne Plaza Suites
SW Houston
9090 Southwest Freeway
(713) 995-0123
It includes
Full Hot Breakfast Bar
for everyone.

4 minutes to SpSp.
Direct Online
Spike Sport Club
10914 S Gessner Rd
Houston, Texas  77071
Phone: (713) 777-7453
Note: These tournaments venues will be
charging an admission fee:
$5 for adults,
$3 for children under 12 and seniors.
Facility Rules , No Chairs!
Spike Sport ClassiC 2017 - 18

Age Group
Late fee
1 Sat
Dec 2nd, Team List
No Up Ref
ClassiC # 1
Nov 19

2 Sat
Dec 16th, Team List
Up Ref
ClassiC # 2
Dec 2

Jan 13th ,Team List
No Up Ref
ClassiC # 3
17s- 18s
Jan 6

3 Sat
Feb 3rd ,Team List
No Up Ref
ClassiC # 4
17s& 18s
Jan 21

4 Sat
March 31st ,Team List

12s & 17s & 18s
Mar 24

5 Sat
Apr 7th, Team List

Up Ref
ClassiC # 5
Mar 25

6 Sat
Apr 14th,,Team List

No Up Ref
ClassiC # 6
Apr 7

Apr 21st, Team List

No Up Ref
ClassiC # 7
Apr 14

8 Sat
May 19th,,Team List

Up Ref
ClassiC # 8
16s - 18s
May 12
* Simple Sign up: Up load your team roster & Pay Online.
Mail a check for entry fee a long with your team roster in Two Weeks advance,
* Late Fee:
Please add $15 late fee (less two weeks advance)..
* Refund Policy:
* Full refund : With two week advance notice.
* Half Refund: With a week advance notice.
* No refund: Less than a week advance notice.

* One Check for one Tournament.
* Registration Deadline: 2 Weeks Prior to the event date, or $15 late fee.
* You Always You May Conform Your Team to be Signed Up, "The Team List On Our Website".
* Tournament Format: Round Robin Plus Bracket.
* Playing Sites: Always at: Spike Sport Club
* A week advance notice for team drop out, for full refund
* Tournament Info:
* All Spike Sport Classic Tournaments Are Single/ One Day Tournament.
* These tournament venues will be charging an admission fee:$3 for adults, $2 for children under 12 and seniors
* You Don't have to Sign Up As A Serious Tournaments.

* Schedule will be posted on Thurs and it is subject to change,,, Please check back on late Friday.
Match Results will be posted live on this pages during the tournament.
Please let us know ASAP if you are not going to be able to attend this weekend.
We understand that there is a lot going on this time of year but last minute drops affect the schedule for every other team in your division!
If you are a no show, you will have the possibility to get sanctioned by the region for next year.

Spike Sport Club
10914 S. Gessner Rd
Hoston TX 77071

Most Complete Technical Volleyball Training Camp