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If you know how to teach and you love to teach, than our program is for you!
Coaching Opportunity At Spike Sport Club

What you need to know about our volleyball training.

* Our Teaching / Training are designed to improve the fundamental skills of volleyball with right technique of: Serving, Passing, Attacking, Setting, Blocking, Defense, Offense, Scrimmage competition will take place during the camp.

* Our aggressive mind disciplining and muscle memory strategies teaching training style, it's so different from others and we achieve to highest level of volleyball performance a lot quicker time than any other programs.

* We really believe to achieve a great results from our teaching / training, it requires a person with motivation, full of energy, with a voice / loud, competitive, demanding driven to success,, as a trainer / teacher / coach in our program.

If you know how to teach and love to teach or you would like to learn our teaching training style and to achieve your highest level of coaching performance and You Don't Mind Work Hard ! Than coaching in our program is for you we would love to work with you !!!!

* We highly recommend you to try out in any of our training camps to find out if our teaching training style is for you and also be evaluated for opportunity to be part of our program.

Please Call (713) 777- 7453 or Email.
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Partial scholarship available for some age group, call 713- 777-7453
Spike Sport Foundation is offering partial scholarships. This partial scholarship will be offered for those eligible students.
The applicant must meet all requirements, for more info and a try-out call 713- 777-7453