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Our new facility will be open This Summer
15250 Hillcroft Missouri City TX 77489
Beltway 8 S & Ft Bend toll, closer to Pearland & Sienna
Phone: (713) 777 - 7453

Spike Club Handbook
" 2019 - 20 Season "
How to Pick the right Volleyball Club Team.

Club season is here again! How to start looking for the best club for your skill level.
Although club is time-consuming and expensive, it is well-worth the effort in the long-run. However, before selecting a club, consider the following advice.
If you are not sure which club you are going to play for.
Here are a few things you can do to ensure a successful and enjoyable club season

Here are some of the highly recommended questions to ask before selecting a club:

* What is the club philosophy?
* Do they have a discipline program?
* Is the club program to demanding, or too laid-back?
* Does the club train players to the next highest level? or they have to recruit good players.
* How many years has the club been around?
* Does the club play everyone or do they play to win?
* Go to visit their practice or take any of their training.

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a spot on more than one club team.                                 Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

* Who are the players? Are they girls you will get along with?
* How many players will be on the team?( This will affect playing time.)
* How many players will be on the team that play your position/s? (This too will affect playing time.)

* Final advice before selecting a Club:

1. As a player would you like to be pushed and be in a demanding program, or more in a laid-back practice and play environment?

2. Attend the Players & Parents introduction meeting. This is the best place to get answers to any questions you may have and to understand the demands of the club. At the meeting, you will learn the expectations (for example you play basketball or softball, and some of those practices conflict with your club practices. Will this be a problem? Or, what if you have homework or group projects at school; will you be allowed to miss practice?)

3. Can you afford a club team? How much will it cost? What are the volleyball club fees? What are the monthly payments? Is there a discount if you pay in full? What extra costs (travel, overnight lodging, food, etc.) when you go to away-tournaments?

4. If you are religious, does the club have practices or tournaments on your religious days? If so, can you compromise?

* Remember: hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Teams for 2019 - 20 Season: (Age Classification Guidelines)
* 11s, 6th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,008)
* 12s, 6th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,007)
* 13s, 7th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2006)
* 14s, 8th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2005)
                                                                                          * 15s, 9th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,004)                                                                                           * 16s, 9th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,003)
We are so excited to share that we are partnering with Plex to share higher level of professional training.
The new facility will be open for next club season Summer 2019.
Age Group
Paid in Full
Payment Plan
11s / 12s under
5 & 6th grade

Starts: Dec 4th & Ends: mid April
Wed (6pm - 8:15) Sun (3pm -5:30pm)

Total Fee: $1,400
* In 2 Payments.

1st. 500 @ Try Out
2nd. $900 due Dec 3rd
Total Fee: $1,650 (in 4 Payments).
1st. $500 due@ Try Out
2nd. $400 due 1st practice.
3rd. $400 due Feb 1st.
4th. $350 due Mar 1st
8 Tournaments
All Local

More Tour Optional

Age Group
Paid in Full
Paid in Payment Plan
13 under
7th grade

Starts: Nov 13th  &  Ends:1st week May

Wed (6pm - 8:15) Sun (3pm - 5:30pm)

Total Fee: $2,300
* In 2 Payments.

1st. $500 @ Try Out
2nd. $1,800 due Nov 15th

Total Fee: $2,600 (in 5 Payments).
1st. $500 due@ Try Out
2nd. $500 due Nov 15th
3rd. $500 due Dec 15th.
4th. $500 due Jan 15th
5th. $600 due Feb 15th
10-11 Tournaments
All Local &
One in
Age Group
Paid in Full
Paid in Payment Plan

14 under 
8th grade

Starts: Nov 11th & Ends:1st week May
Mon & Thurs (6pm - 8:15pm)

Total Fee: $2,400
* In 2 Payments.

1st. $500 @ Try Out
2nd. $1,900 due Nov 15th

Total Fee: $2,700 (in 6 Payments).
1st. $500 due@ Try Out
2nd. $500 due Nov 15th
3rd. $500 due Dec 15th.
4th. $500 due Jan 15th
5th. $500 due Feb 15th
6th. $200 due Mar 15th
10-11 Tournaments
All Local &
One in
Age Group
Paid in Full
Paid in Payment Plan
15 / 16 under 
(9th / 10th grade)
Starts: Nov 11th  &  Ends: 1st week May
Mon & Thurs (6pm - 8:15pm)

* $2,600 (in 2 Payments).  

1st. $500 @ Try Out
2nd. $2,100 due Nov 15th

Total Fee: $2,900 (in 6 Payments).

1st. $500 due@ Try Out
2nd. $500 due Nov 15th
3rd. $500 due Dec 15th.
4th. $500 due Jan 15th
5th. $500 due Feb 15th
6th. $400 due Mar 15th

10 - 11
All Local &
One in
Team Practice

* 12s  under (6th ): 

 Starts  Dec 4th & Ends: mid April
 Wed (6pm - 8:15) Sun (3:00pm - 5:30pm) 

13 under (7th grades):

 Starts:  Nov 13th  &  Ends:1st week May                                                                                                                                                                           Wed (6pm - 8:15) & Sun (3pm - 5:30pm)

* 14s & 15 /16 under (8th - 10th grades): 

 Starts:  Nov 11th  &  Ends:1st week May   

Mon & Thurs  (6:00pm - 8:15pm). 

About Us

We are a firm believer that if you have knowledge pass it on to those who do not.
We are giving back what we were able to learn from our coaches and years of winning and losing playing sports.
We also believe that playing sports as a child not only builds character and confidence but also gives a sense of accomplishment. It also prepares children for life, teaching them about working as a team or as a team player, not as an individual. we also feel it can bring a child out of his/her shell or shyness.
About Our Training
* We have our own unique way of teaching volleyball:
Our unique aggressive mind and muscle memory technique training is different from others and we achieve the highest level of volleyball performance in a short time.
Our winning techniques training including Eastern European Style Power Attack (for skilled players).
All of our training is for players to achieve their highest level of volleyball performance.
Our Training is designed to improve The Fundamental Skills of volleyball with right technique: Serving, Passing, Attacking, Setting,
Blocking, Defense, Offense and Scrimmage competition will take place during the camp.
* If you would like to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance and You Don't Mind Working Hard to get to the next level!
then this club is for you!!!!
* Our training is not for everyone,it's for a hard-working player.
About our coaches.
It is very simple: "Teach and be honest with the players".
Our unique aggressive mind, muscle, and memory technique training is what sets us apart from others Under the direction of Ron Roodgari and his other coaches, we believe we have one of the best training programs. All of us as coaches @ SP SP work hard and we expect our players to work hard also.
Ron Roodgari, the founder of Spike Sport over 30 years ago.

All of us at Spike Sport really love and have a passion for the game of volleyball and love to teach others.
Our coaching staff is selected, trained and experienced in our summer camps and club teams. With our unique aggressive mind and muscle memory technique training under the direction of Ron Roodgari and his team of coordinators, we believe our high integrity, energy, intensity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour into their lives and helping athletes be their best. All of the coaches @ SPIKE work hard and we expect our players to work hard with us also.
Due to that our program is not for everyone!
Ron Roodgari, the founder of Spike Sport, will be assisted by longtime coordinators and coaches Ramin Sadrai, who will also direct the coaching staff. and coach our boy's club team ensures that practices are focused and intense, and will challenge the players to reach their maximum potential. The following is a partial list of our coaches for the 2018 - 2019 club season:
Coach Assistant Coach Team
Ron Roodgari Rachel Baxley Ramin Sadri Boy's Team
John Rowland Sammy Web Other Coaches
Ellena Torres
Club Phone Number: (713) 77 - SPIKE or (713) 777 - 7453
Website:   Director and Coordinators:

Ron Roodgari (713)-320-4614 Cell

* Three options to try out for our club.
1. Private try out: please call (713) 777-7453
2. Try out in any of our High-Performance Training Camp ( in July) Sign up.
3. Try out in any of our Group Lesson. Fee: $40 Sign up

New players evaluations are conducted during summer and early fall.
New players are strongly encouraged to attend any of our summer camps and have a chance to evaluate our training and be evaluated.
For a try out we highly recommend our Group Lesson / Try out.
Please check our Summer Camp Schedule Training dates and times.
* Middle School: 11s -– 14s age group,,
* High School: 15s –16 age group,,,

Returning Players:
Few returning players will be offered positions by taking High-Performance Camp in July, for the upcoming year without an evaluation / try-out.

There will be no practice on the following dates:
* Thanksgiving: no practice on Thurs November th .
* Christmas: December th - th
* Spring Break: one week off, on 2nd week of March (optional practices this week, check with Coach)

Each team needs a parent volunteer/team mom. This is an invaluable service to your daughter's team. If you are interested in being a team parent/volunteer please contact your coach and the club director. Thank you.
Attendance / Conduct

1. Players are required to attend all practices and tournaments. You must notify your coach at least 24 hours in advance of an absence. In the event of an emergency, notify your coach as soon as possible. Coaches have the discretion of limiting/reducing playing time at tournaments for a player who is habitually late to or misses practices. This rule is intended to discourage players from being late to or missing practices. all players should be on the court and ready to practice on time.
* Teams practice will starts @ 6:00pm.

2. No player may leave a tournament without permission from the coach. It is customary to have a refereeing assignment when eliminated from tournament play. All players are expected to be present during their team's last officiating assignment at court site.
**** (Nobody leaves any tournaments before team refereeing assignment, please be wear of "penalty",,,
* Penalty: next tournament No Play Time At All,

3. We take our practices / tournaments seriously. A player who does not take them seriously, as evidenced by inappropriate/excessive joking around, laughing, talking, or tardiness, will be subject to sitting out practices/tournaments and in extreme cases expulsion from the club.

4. All players are to conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship, you are representing Spike Sport.

5. All players must wear SPIKE SPORT UNIFORM at tournaments and practices. Failure to do so will be subject to sitting out practices/tournaments or suspension or expulsion from the club if the infraction is severe enough to warrant it.

6. Stealing and drug or alcohol use will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the club.

7. According to USVA rules, any objectionable behavior by spectators will be reported to court managers and/or tournament directors. Spike Sport asks all players, parents, and spectators to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. objectionable behavior by parents will result in banishment from one or more tournaments.

8. Each player will be provided 1 or 2 game jerseys, two (2) practice shirts, one (1) pair of spandex short, one (1) pair of practice shorts, a warm-up suit, a sports bag, a pair of knee pads and a volleyball to take to tournaments.
* Players MUST wear authorized Spike Sport uniforms during practices and tournaments. During tournaments, players should also bring along at least one practice shirt to change into between games. All uniforms are the player's responsibility; therefore, if the uniform is lost or damaged during the season, the player is required to pay for a new set.

9. Practice uniforms are required for practices, and game jerseys are required to participate in tournaments.  
* Only Spike Sport practice shirts at club practice.

10. No drinks or food is allowed on the court with the exception of water in a non-glass container with a top in practices and any tournaments sites.

Financial Requirements
* Please understand that your club fee is for training time - not playing time.

11. Parents will respect coaches, players, other parents, and officials. Our coaching staff has not only played but also studied the game. If you, as a parent, choose to ignore any of the above rules, your child will lose playing time. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

12. No player is guaranteed a specific position or amount of playing time, our coaches make this determination. We understand that each player has strengths and weaknesses. We, as coaches, will do our best to recognize the strengths in every athlete and play them in a position where their strengths will show and provide the best results for the team. Also, remember that practice is a time to improve and work on weak areas of the game. showing maximum enthusiasm, respect for all coaches and players, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and participating in officiating and scorekeeping assignments.

* Players will not participate in practices or tournaments if payments are more than five (5) days past due. There is a $25.00 late fee on any late payments or returned checks. NO PAY, NO PLAY!
* Make all checks payable to Spike Sport mail it or drop in the office.
Please write your daughter's name and team name on the check.

13. If a parent has a complaint, there is a 24-hour grace period before that parent(s) may speak with the coach or club coordinator /director. After the 24-hour grace period, the parent(s) may schedule a meeting with the coach and club coordinator/director.

14. If you feel you must discuss your child's playing time with a coach, please refrain from doing so during tournament play. If you would like to talk to the coach regarding playing time or any other subjects, please set up a meeting to discuss your concerns after the 24-hour grace period. Please remember that the coaches need to be just as focused during tournaments as the players. Problems should be addressed to your team coach first. The club coordinator/director will be available for those problems needing additional attention.

Spike Club offers two options for paying club fees; you may either pay in full and save at the beginning of the season or utilize the payment-over-time plan.
*Club fee covers all the expenses for the season: court rental fee, coach's salary, tour fee, administration, uniforms,,,

* Optional Tournaments.
* It will be extra fee for any an extra tournaments local or out of town.
* Costs associated with coach's salary and traveling exp. It does not cover players hotel or meal,,,
Travel Arrangements
When attending out of town tournaments we travel as a team and team members have to stay at the same hotel.
We make arrangement to block numbers of rooms for each team to stay the same hotel for out of town tournaments.

* Red Shirt Player is one of the players in a team that doesn't participate in any tournaments and pays $500 less than other team players for the season

To be a RedShirt player, please call (713) 777 - 7453.
The following forms (list below) are needed from each player to be signed in our club team.
Please mail or bring these items below, along with your first payment $500 (To make payment: Online).

1. Copy of birth certificate
2. Recent photo of athlete (wallet size)
3. Athlete Information / Spike Club Contract/ needs to Signed and true in.
4. USAV Membership sign up online, (after: Sept/ 2019).
5.Copy of the USAV. (all players need to register online with USA Volleyball to play club volleyball).

** For all the forms: Club Forms.

*. Failure to fulfill your commitment for any reasons to join our club for the 2018-2019 club season will require that any unpaid balance for the remainder of the season be paid in full within 45 days of the last practice attended by the athlete.

*. Payments are to be made on time. Please refer to the payment schedule and due dates. There will be a $25.00 late fee on all payments past due. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on all returned checks. Those players with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to participate in practices or tournaments until payment is made. No, Pay No Play.

* All checks are to be made payable to Spike Sport, with the player's name and team noted on the check.

* Any player or parent who breaks any policy/guideline outlined on pages of hand book will be subject to suspension from Practice / tournaments or the club.

* All required forms must be completed and submitted to the Spike Club.

*. I / We totally understand that we are paying for training time - not playing time.

* We, the undersigned, have read "Club Handbook" and agree to all of the above terms, any premature withdrawal, late fees, club fees, payment, and adherence to policies/guidelines.

. Player Signature_________________________________________________________, Date:
. Parent Signature_________________________________________________________, Date:

Please make the 1st payment of $500 check / cash or Online and please turn in, Club Forms.
Or may mail or drop the forms with a check or cash at Spike club.

* Needs to be signed and turn in to club: 15250 Hillcroft Missouri City Texas 77489,,, Phone: (713) 777 - 7453

For any other info or question feel free call Ron at 713-777 - 7453. EMAIL Thank you.