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Spike Club
Youth Training League

5 - 10yrs
About Our Staff:
Our 23 years old volleyball co has a unique aggressive technique training for players that like to get to next level of volleyball in shorter time!
* We have selected and most trained outstanding highly experienced coaching staff with unique style of
aggressive mind and muscle memory technique training.
* We really believe and enjoy doing what we do at Spike Sport.,,,,, All our campers will be evaluated for potential invitation to our club program.

It is our developmental league which focuses on the development of fundamental skills through a comprehensive, fun and educational training environment. In this league we will be developing motor skills, hand eye coordination and improve listening skills, all with in a safe social environment. With this league our goal is to teach the necessary skills to one day enter into club or school volleyball.

This program offers two different sessions:

* Summer

 Aug.- Sept.

Fee: $300 + $60 (registration/uniform fee)

* Fall:

1. Oct.- Dec.

2. Jan.- March

Fee: $450 + $100 (registration / uniform fee)

* Practice:

Every Thurs, 6:00 - 7:30pm

* Scrimmage:

3 - 4pm on Sun.

Register online. Space is limited.

Contact us:


Spike Club Summer Camp
Private Lesson
To set up a schedule, Please call: 713- 320 - 4614
* We have a unique way of teaching volleyball:
Our aggressive training is different from others and we achieve the highest level of volleyball performance in a short time.
Our way of disciplining , muscle memory strategies and with an aggressive technique training develop a championship skill player a lot quicker than any other programs.
Our winning technique training include Eastern European Style Power Attack (for skilled players).
Learn through progressive drills on specific skills with our coaches in the quickest time.
All of our camps are for you to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance.
Our Trainingsare designed to improve The Fundamental Skills of volleyball with the right techniques: Serving, Passing, Attacking, Setting,
Blocking, Defense, Offense, Scrimmage competition will take place during the camp.
* If you would like to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance and You Don't Mind Working Hard to get get tothe next level!
than our camps are for you!!!!

* Our training may not be for every one, if you are not a hard worker and you don't want to be pushed, Sorry, our training is not for you.
* Spike Sport Club Volleyball program.
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