Pre Club Team Training.

“For players selected in our camps only” 

This four weeks 16 hours of the instance training program is for a group of selected players in our camps 7th – 9th-grade players with lots of potentials but not having enough skills and experience to meet our club-standard,
This training will give these players a chance to be skilled and be competitive in a short time to meet our club standard and have a spot in our club teams without a tryout for the upcoming season in Nov 2021.
* July 12th –  Aug 4th
* Mon & Wed,
* 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
* Fee: $275

* Subject to be selected for this training. (invitation only, or for tryout call 713-777-7453)
* Player needs to be signed for the club prior to taking this training.

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* 6th graders: Aug 10th – Sept 2nd (T & Th).